1)Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not want to take the help of the United Arab Emirates worth 700 billion rupees.

The southern state of India is one of the biggest floods in Kerala so far. Sources have shown that with the help of United Arab Emirates to help tackle the problem of flood in Kerala, there is a possibility of assistance from foreign nation. Sources of 700 crore Kerala have come to know that Vijayan will talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the aid proposal of the United Arab Emirates. Prior to this, on Saturday, Prime Minister of India and Prime Minister of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktouf, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has thanked that the United Arab Emirates and the Indian government will be united to provide relief to affected people The committee is formed. The Indian government does not want to take any help from flood relief and rescue in Kerala and after considering the thoughts of the Indian Government, it comes to the conclusion that the Indian government wants to use its domestic resources to deal with the floods of Kerala and Kerala No one wants to seek help from foreigners for flood relief.

2) Work of Rescue in the Flood of Kerala.

Thousands of people have become homeless due to the biggest flood that has come to Kerala since then. It has killed nearly 357 people in the flood. Due to floods and rains in Kerala, there has been a loss of 21 thousand crore in the state. A red alert has been issued in Kerala. Rescue operations are also being done from the side of the army, people trapped in the floods are being evacuated and people are being dispatched, water and various help is being provided.

3) List of people who helped in flooding in Kerala.

1) Home Minister Rajnath Singh had announced Rs 100 crore for the help of the state due to floods and rains. Now announces Rs 500 crore declared by PM Modi.

2) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a relief of Rs 10 crore to help the people stranded in the floods and said that the people of the parliament and the parliament have promised to donate one month’s salary.

3) List of declaration of monetary relief to help the floods in Kerala, the Chief Minister of other states of India.

i) Neighbouring Tamil Nadu-10 crore, (ii) Andhra Pradesh-10 crore, (iii) Puducherry-1 crore, (iv) Jharkhand-5 crore, (v) Maharashtra-20crore,
(vi) Gujarat-10 crore, (vii) Punjab-10 crore, (viii) Telangana-25 crore (ix) Bihar-10 crore, (x) Himachal Pradesh-5 crore, (xi) Uttarakhand-5 crore, (xii) Chattisgarh-3 crore, (xiii) Madhya Pradesh-10 crore, (xiv) Karnataka-10 crore, (xv) West Bengal-5 crore, (xvi) Manipur-2 crore, (xvii) Tripura-1 crore,
As part of the donation, it was declared as to how much monetary relief of which state has been given to Kerala.

4) Various businessmen and individuals have also compensated for the help of flood relief in Kerala. In which businessman NRI MA Yusuf Ali has helped Rs 5 crore Hanan, who is a 15-year-old student of Kerala, donated Rs.5 lakhs to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The Tamil politician DMK also helped Rs. 1 crore, Varun Gandhi, who donated Rs. 1 lakh to the BJP MP, Attorney General K. Venugopal has helped by giving Rs. 1 crore.

5) The Congress demanded the calamity in Kerala to be called a National Disaster” which was former Jammu and Kashmir’s former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said that he would donate one month’s salary to help the flood affected state and Tamil Nadu’s IAS officers did not have the support of Kerala flood relief. For one month’s salary, the Islamic Center of India urged the flood victims to donate 10 percent.

6)Shirdi Saibaba temple trust to donate Rs 5 crore towards relief work.
Megastar Mr. Bachchan contributed 51 lakh cash, with six coaches of his personal clothes, including 80 jackets, 25 pants, 20 teasures and 40 shoes.

4)Indian artists come forward to help flood in Kerala.

1)Celebrities Kamal Hassan and Surya helped Rs 25 lakhs and the Tamil actor Dhanush helped Rs 15 lakhs, Vishal and Shivkarthikeyan donated 10 lakh rupees. Telugu actor Vijay contributed Rs 5 lakhs, South actress Anupama Parmesteran helped Rs 1 lakh.

(i) Tamil actor Vijay Sattupati-25 lakhs, (ii) Actress Rohini-2 lakhs, (iii) Allu Arjun-25 lakhs, (iv) Rajani kant-25 lakhs, (v) Director Shankar-10 lakhs, (vi) Amitabh bachchan-51 lakhs, (vii) Salman khan-12 crore, (viii) Shahrukh khan-21 lakhs, (ix) Sushant singh rajput-1 crore, (x) Sunny leone-5 crore, (xi) Jacqueline fernandez-5 lakhs, (xii) Prabhash-1 crore, (xiii) Mohan lal-25 lakhs, (xiv) Vijay parameshwaram-1 lakhs, (xv) Siddharth-10 lakhs, (xvi) Dhanush-15 lakhs, (xvii) Sivakarthikeyan-10 lakhs, (xviii) Nayanthara-10 lakhs, (xix) Vishal-5 lakhs, (xx) Nadiyar-5 lakhs, (xxi) Udhayanidhi stalin-10 lakhs, (xxii) Vijay devarakonda-1 crore, (xxiii) Samuti-15 lakhs, (xxiv) Dulkar salman-10 lakhs, (xxv) AMMA organization-10 lakhs.